The Ultimate Guide to Our Body Wash Scents

The Ultimate Guide to Our Body Wash Scents

Embark on a scented journey with Plouf, as we unveil the stories behind our body wash fragrances – Narcissi, Beach House and Alpine Forest. We invite you to explore our scents in greater detail and discover the vision behind them. 



Narcissus flowers, symbolise renewal, hope, and the triumph of life over winter's grasp. With vibrant hues and trumpet-shaped petals, they embody themes of self-love, growth, and the resilience. These blooms encourage us to embrace change and find joy in the simple act of blooming, representing a celebration of new beginnings, a new season and the promise of brighter sunnier days. 


What does Narcissi smell like?

Imagine strolling through a sun-kissed field, where the air is filled with the sweet, intoxicating aroma of blooming Narcissi. This is the experience our Narcissi-scented body wash brings to your daily routine – a floral melody that enchants your senses and lingers gently on your skin.




Indulge in the essence of Switzerland with Plouf's Alpine Forest scent – a fragrance born from our cherished memories of growing up amidst Swiss landscapes. Nothing quite beats pine forests and crisp mountain air and this scent pays homage to our roots. 


What does Alpine Forest smell like?

Our best selling Alpine Forest body wash scent is inspired by the refreshing aroma of the pines and earth after a rainfall. Picture crisp, clean notes of evergreen forests capturing the essence of nature's renewal. This scent is ultimately refreshing and uplifting for those nature lovers.



Dive into the Mediterranean with our Beach House-scented body wash. Designed to remind you of happy summer holidays. This scent is refreshing, energising and nostalgic, and it will transport you to those lazy summer days that all blend into one.
What does Beach House smell like? 

Imagine stepping onto the beach where thriving vegetation and lemon groves surround the sea. This invigorating fragrance captures the lush greenery and the scent of the sea, infusing your shower with the crisp, citrusy notes of ripe lemons and the soothing and subtle aroma of lavender.

The Power of Scent

We have used a blend of high quality essential oils and molecules to create our fragrances and each scent has been carefully chosen to evoke special memories. 
Scent has a remarkable ability to trigger emotions. When we encounter a familiar scent, it can transport us back in time, eliciting powerful emotions associated with specific memories. 

Aromas have been shown to impact the release of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, influencing our mood and emotions and making you feel energised, happy, and calm.
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