We are so proud to share that Plouf has been selected as the winner of the Vegan Beauty Awards!

The founder and CEO of The Vegan Beauty Awards has left us a wonderful testimonial.                                                       

"Spending time outdoors, immersed in the beauty of nature, is something I absolutely adore. It's where I find my inner peace. That's why Plouf body washes are like a dream come true for me! The moment I lather up, their heavenly fragrances instantly whisk me away to peaceful memories, whether it's strolling through a forest or lounging on the sandy shores, they fill me with a sense of calmness and bliss. I’m not exaggerating when I say, that as soon as I use them, I'm already eagerly anticipating the next time I can indulge in their luxurious scents!

Beyond how amazing they smell, what truly impresses me is how incredibly nourishing they are. Even on those hectic days when I'm rushing through my routine and don't have a moment to spare for moisturising, these body washes ensure my skin remains perfectly hydrated and free from any dryness.

If you're looking to treat yourself, I strongly suggest trying out all three options as each one has something special to offer depending on how you're feeling. But take my word for it, they are all stunning, luxurious products that transform an ordinary shower into a mini rejuvenating escape! <3"

- Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Beauty Awards


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